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If you are building a WordPress site for the first time, you know that getting past some of the hurdles and the learning curve can be time-consuming.  We have been working with websites using WP for over 12 years and already know a lot of the hurdles you can experience. You might be on your 50th time trying to fix something and that can be a headache when you can't figure it out.

Here at A-GoGo Digital, we would love to work with you and get you moving forward and in the right direction! Book a consultation today and let's get your WordPress website moving forward.

One-on-One Support
for WordPress Beginners!

WordPress can be a great way to build a website especially because of its flexibility and it's literally the world’s leading website platform with over 30% of websites using it on the web. As a beginner WordPress user we know just how frustrating it can be to navigate themes, builders, plugins and widgets, and other things that come along with a WordPress site.

We are here to help! With one of our one-on-one consultations that are geared to help you get over problems, you might be stuck on and holding you back from launching a new website, updating a page or adding a new feature like e-commerce or on-line booking.

If for some reason the online tutorials and YouTube videos you have found are not helping, then reach out. We work with businesses and other people who want to manage their own sites every day.

Things We Can Help With

  • Hosting Issues
  • WordPress Installation
  • Website Page Speed / Load Times
  • Caching Plugins & Issues
  • WordPress Malware Cleanup
  • WordPress Security
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • WordPress Site Migrations
  • Beaver Builder
  • Elementor
  • Astra
  • Generate Press
  • Pods
  • WP Rocket
  • Swift Performance
  • Yoast, SEO Press

WordPress Consulting Reviews


Mike was amazing! His knowledge of WordPress is amazing and he was able to give me specific actions that will allow me to reach my audience and grow my business! Worth every penny!

Brenda Campbell



The training in WordPress that I have gotten from Mike Campbell has taken me from a beginner to someone that can get into my website to make changes. That is quite a leap in a very short time. His explanations and suggestions have taken me to a comfortable place I never thought I'd be in. His answers to my questions always seem to fix my problems, which I usually cause, grin. Thanks, Mike. You are great. Martin Sullivan

Martin Sullivan



Mike did an amazing job on my website. I appreciated his professionalism, technical knowledge, and ideas to make my website amazing.

Belinda Eriacho

Common WordPress Issues I Can Help You With

Whether you’re looking for your first host, or unsatisfied and looking to move, it’s important you make the right decision for your hosting provider. A website consultation can help you evaluate your needs and match you with an affordable hosting solution that will meet the needs of your website.

The security of your website is one of the most important aspects to consider. There’s no worse feeling than when someone maliciously attacks your website and takes it down. Ensure you have the proper security stack with a full evaluation of your website security setup.

WordPress Installation
Having trouble getting WordPress installed? You’re not alone if you got stuck on step one, it happens to a lot of WordPress beginners. Book a consultation to help you get a copy of WordPress installed and ready to start constructing your website!


Search Engine Optimization
What good is a website that no one can find? With years of experience in search engine optimization, I can help you implement proven strategies to start climbing the rankings and driving more qualified traffic to your website!

Page Speed & Load Times
Is your website running sluggish? Website performance and loading times are critical for the success of your website. I’d love to help you implement proven performance tweaks to get your website operating in tip-top shape!

Website Migration
Nervous about moving hosting providers? Yes! It’s a scary thing to do! Book a consultation and we can help you migrate your site to a new hosting provider. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that your migration will be handled properly and your data will be safe!

Website caching can be tricky to navigate, but there are easy ways to handle your caching solution. Book a web site consultation and I can help you implement a caching solution that will help your website perform better and reduce load times!

Website Structure & Blogs
There are wrong ways to set up a website, and untangling a mess can be a real chore! I can help you set up the proper website structure that will allow you to easily scale and grow your website over time.

Getting The Most Out of Your WordPress Consultation

Make a list of all the issues you are facing. Some challenges can be solved in a matter of minutes, so having a list will ensure we can cover as much ground as possible!

Send me your questions beforehand. Send me the list of your questions so that I can be fully prepared for what we’re going to cover. This makes the process smoother and I can help dive right into helping you solve your problems!

Make sure you have Zoom installed.  We’ll conduct our meeting over a Zoom video conference. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be on camera (though it does make communication more efficient). This software will allow us to record the call for your future reference, and we can share screens and easily debug any WordPress issues.

Make a backup of your website first. We don’t often run into problems, but if we feel like we need to make big changes, creating a backup during our call takes a lot of time— and that can lead to additional appointments, or not getting to everything you want to accomplish.

Common WordPress Consulting Questions

What is a WordPress Website Consultant?

A website consultant can help you in a variety of ways. At times, we help customers work through roadblocks or help find the right tools for the WordPress project. Sometimes, we end up coming onboard the website design in a more long-term capacity.

How Does a Consultation Work?

Our consulting business is built around it being easy, and accessible for you. You can use our online booking form to pick a time and date that works best for you. You’ll be given a calendar invite an a link to join a Zoom call at the scheduled time of our appointment.

Zoom will allow us to share screens, and even have a live video conference. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be on camera if you don’t want to!

How Do I Know You Can Help Me?

If you are unsure if I can help with your specific problem, you can use the contact form below to reach out and tell me about the problem you’re experiencing.  I’ll be glad to let you know if I can help you with your needs.

Do You Offer Any Other Consulting Beside WordPress Web Design?

Yes! we have over 15 years of experience working with small businesses to help them execute marketing plans to help their businesses gain exposure and grow their customer base. I have a long history in print design, branding, and a degree in business development.

What Happens if You’re Unable to Help Me?

If during the course of our video conference we come to the conclusion that I am unable to assist you as you were hoping I will gladly and immediately refund your charges.  I want you to feel like you’ve gotten more than your money’s worth each time!

How Can I Get the Most Out My Call?

The customer’s who get the most out of their consultation are the ones who come prepared. We can usually get through a lot of questions in an hour’s time. If you make a list of questions you have before our meeting, and provide those to me to review, I will gladly look them over so I can be prepared with any materials that will assist us in our call.

Book Your Consultation Online!

The convenient online booking form will allow you to choose a time and day for your website consultation that works for you! Simply choose a day, input your contact & payment information and your appointment will be saved.

We’ll follow up with the necessary details, a calendar reminder, and a link to join the call on the day of your appointment.

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